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Telixia offers talent development, recruiting, and outsourcing!

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How would you like to have a career in one of the fastest growing areas of the global economy? You will be able to land your first job and have each year of experience boost your earnings dramatically year after year. Telixia is your gateway to hot-jobs. Telixia is a tech startup that is developing a talent pool for global hi-tech industry.

Many Nigeria graduates are keen to land their first tech jobs. A plethora of undergraduates across Nigerian universities are hunting for remote jobs. Telixia, understanding this growing demands, introduced her fast-track programme to train and mentor this talents, while exposing them to opportunities.

Start career today by joining any of our fast-track programs namely; Frontend Development, Backend development, Mobile App Development and UI/UX Design. After completing training at Telixia, you will be able to work at a company or define your own hours, and areas of expertise as a freelancer.

Our Services

Telixia offers talent development, recruiting, and outsourcing

Website Design & CMS

The program prepares trainees to be able to build responsive websites. I covers the foundation courses like HTML / Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Essentials / Bootstrap (CSS Framework) / JavaScript Essentials / Git and GitHub / Performance and Accessibility / JQuery DOM & AJAX / SASS workflow and SMACSS / Front-end Project /Photoshop – Image Management

UI/UX Design

The program prepares trainees to be able to understand business requirements and technical limitations, as well as to conceive and conduct user research, interviews and surveys, and translate them into sitemaps, user flows, customer journey maps, wireframes, mockups and prototypes. The Trainee would be able to design the overall functionality of the product.

Mobile App Development

The program makes trainees to understand the steps involved in developing, testing, and deploying a mobile apps for iOS, Andriod, and also how to use a wide variety of APIs for a variety of features, including graphics, multimedia, and web access. Core courses are Java for Android, Swift for iOS , Ionic Framework, Capacitor, Flutter

Frontend Design

The program prepares students to develop sophisticated websites, apps, and designs extendable to many of the social networking sites. Students will also have presentation and interviewing skills training and have the option of completing a two-week internship at the completion of the course. Core courses are Bootstrap - Angular - React - Redux - Vue - Git

Backend Developemt

The program prepares trainees to be able to rapidly integrate a frontend with server side logic, build reusable code and libraries for future use, optimize an application for maximum speed and scalability, implement security and data protection, design and implement data storage solutions. Core courses are Node - Express - MongoDB - MySql - Cloud - Git

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can be a crucial tool to grow a business. On this marketing course you will explore what digital marketing is, why it is important and look at some digital marketing strategies including display advertising, pay per click advertising, search engine optimisation and email marketing. Finally, we will discuss the importance of balancing and integrating different digital marketing strategies and how companies target customers.


View Telixia software development projects: mobile & web apps, desktop software products. Let our solution speak for itself!

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Telixia has a formidable team of DevOps, App Developers, Backend Engineers, Graphics Designers, Digital Marketers

Nditah Samweld

Chief Executive Officer

Stella Maris

Product Manager

Chigozie Yahnick




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